VitalPatch Wins FDA Emergency Use Authorization for Cardiac Monitoring in COVID Patients


announced that it has received FDA Emergency Use Authorization status for
use of its VitalPatch to detect changes in the QT interval of hospitalized
patients undergoing drug treatment for COVID-19.

and chloroquine, used to treat some COVID-19 patients, are associated with risk
of prolonged QT interval that can lead to life-threatening arrhythmias. VitalPatch
allows clinicians to remotely and continuously monitor patients at risk of QT
prolongation due to COVID-19 treatment.

is an FDA-approved device. Besides serving as a single-lead ECG, it monitors seven
other physiological parameters continuously, including body temperature, heart
rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, and blood oxygen saturation
levels. It can also integrate with third-party devices to monitor blood
pressure, weight, and oxygen saturation. According to the company, it is the
first and only biosensor capable of monitoring such a broad set of patient

can be worn for up to seven days and is powered by a disposable zinc air
battery with up to 168 hours of battery life. It measures 120 x 40 mm and is
secured to the patient by a hydrocolloid adhesive.

presents a myriad of symptoms and clinicians need access to medical devices
that allow them to monitor and manage those symptoms in real-time in order to
create the most appropriate treatment plans for each individual,” said Dr. Joe
Roberson, Chief Medical Officer of VitalConnect, in a statement. “The
enhancement of the VitalPatch receiving Emergency Use Authorization for
QT-interval detection will enable this platform to further support clinicians
who are on the frontlines of treating this virus.”

Check out this video on how VitalConnect can help healthcare providers in the midst of COVID-19:

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