ViriMASK Protective Oculo-Respirator for Coronovirus Protection


As the Wuhan coronavirus epidemic continues to spread, there’s an ever greater need for personal protection that works best for this very infectious virus. Face masks, even N95 masks, are not great at preventing the virus from entering the nose, mouth, and the eyes.

Spurred by necessity, an Israeli physician designed a protective mask that bridges the gap between N95 masks and a lot more restrictive gas masks, in the process protecting the airways and the eyes from being entry points for viral, and other, infections.

The mask seals around the nose, mouth, and eyes, while providing a wide field of view that helps users to continue to function normally. The mask uses filters that can be swapped after every few hours of usage, and the entire mask can be washed and disinfected.

The ViriMASK would use .1 micron filters that are much finer than what N95 masks sport.

Because the mask covers a fairly large area, it is possible to make it so there aren’t points of high pressure against the skin, helping to reduce irritation.

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