UV-C Enclosure to Disinfect Medical and Personal Protective Equipment


UV-Concepts, an Englewood, Colorado firm, is unveiling a new product that uses ultraviolet light to disinfect all kinds of portable medical equipment. The UV-C Enclosure (UVE) is a large reflective chamber inside of which anything from wheelchairs to mobile nurse computer stations can be disinfected within about a minute.

The UVE relies on fluorescent tubes that emit light with a strong peak at a 254 nanometer wavelength, which is known to deactivate viruses and bacteria at high power levels.

“The concern for the cleaning and disinfection of high-touch surfaces in the healthcare environment has grown exponentially due to COVID-19,” said Jeremy Starkweather, President & Co-Founder, UV-Concepts Inc., in a press release. “The UVE™ completely surrounds an item with high intensity germicidal UV-C light resulting in the fastest and most powerful UV-C disinfection solution available to healthcare providers. We’re very pleased to make the UVE™ available for healthcare institutions globally to help protect patients, healthcare workers, and visitors from harmful bacteria and viruses.”

The device doesn’t require any prep work. An RFID badge is used to unlock the door to the UVE for authorized users and any sort of medical device can simply be wheeled in or hung, such as masks, inside the box. Once closed, the device turns on its bulbs and runs its disinfection cycle for 60 seconds.

In addition to the disinfection functions, the UVE also comes with special tags and a cloud-based platform to keep track of when all the medical and protective equipment within a clinic has been disinfected.

“With use of the UVE™, we have been able to process over 5,200 N95 masks, which allows us to get five uses per N95 mask. It has been a lifesaver when no new N95 masks were available,” said John P. Ostdiek, Director of Transportation, Aramarkat Saint Joseph Hospital of SCL Health in Denver, Colorado, in the announcement. “We also run all portable medical equipment that can fit in the enclosure for treatment and have physicians request to use the unit for their own equipment. This is the right piece of equipment at the right time to help healthcare personnel have one more tool to stop the spread of infectious diseases in a hospital setting.” 

Product page: UV-C Enclosure (UVE)

Via: UV-Concepts

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