Sony Releases NUCLeUS OR Platform in U.S.


Sony is releasing its NUCLeUS system in the United States. The system helps clinicians working in and around operating rooms to access and share imaging data. NUCLeUS already provides support at over 500 ORs in Europe, so it has already proven itself in clinical practice.

The system supports images and video up to 4K resolution, as well as audio and other patient data, over existing in-hospital networks, delivering it all on a central dashboard and utilizing streamlined workflows for easy and relevant data access.

Patient data are kept secure and access is provided as needed to help maintain privacy, while available content can be used for collaborative and teaching needs. The system can be scaled for hospitals of any size and data from any imaging modality can be uploaded to NUCLeUS. Since it doesn’t rely on any special hardware, the system can be easily integrated into existing clinical IT setups. Additionally, an available application programming interface (API) allows other systems to link to the NUCLeUS to provide unique capabilities.

“We are eager to put NUCLeUS in the hands of doctors, nurses and OR managers in the U.S. so they can experience first-hand how the platform can dramatically improve surgical collaboration and potentially contribute to better patient outcomes,” said Theresa Alesso, president of Sony Electronics’ Pro division, in a press release. “With the ongoing development of unique ‘smart applications,’ NUCLeUS will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in the OR.”

Product page: NUCLeUS

Via: Sony Electronics

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