Samsung Releases RS85 Prestige Advanced Diagnostic Ultrasound


Samsung is releasing its top-of-the-line RS85 Prestige diagnostic ultrasound system. The device sports Samsung’s latest hardware and software technologies, such as Crystal Architecture, to produce high quality ultrasound images. Moreover, the system can run a dozen or so intelligent software features that fine tune image quality in specific situations and provide measurements, assessments of blood flow, and other useful metrics.

Some of the capabilities of the RS85 Prestige include LumiFlow, which makes color Doppler look like 3D, making it more intuitive to recognize where blood vessels are. ShadowHDR recognizes ultrasound shadows, and reduces them, thereby improving image quality. S-Shearwave Imaging lets clinicians non-invasively measure tissue stiffness within the liver, breast, and prostate. TAI, TSI technology measures tissue attenuation and how tissue scatters ultrasound waves, parameters that are particularly useful in assessing how fatty a liver is.

“I have been incredibly impressed with the RS85 Prestige’s processing power, gray scale and color quality images, and its features like ShadowHDR™ that allow higher quality scanning in more difficult-to-image windows,” said Dr. Ronald Hidalgo, MD, Abdominal Radiologist, in a Samsung press release. “It will bring benefits to imaging departments, especially those focused on body imaging, vascular imaging, and other advanced imaging using the built in Advanced Intelligence.”

Product page: RS85 Prestige

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