Print Your Own Hands-Free Door Opener to Contain Spread of Coronavirus


As hospitals around the world are getting swamped with patients due to the COVID-19 outbreak, there are issues with having clinical facilities becoming easy havens for the disease to spread. Something that technicians with access to 3D printers can now quickly do is turn standard door handles into the kind that can be opened with one’s arm rather than the hand.

Materialise, a company that normally offers advanced 3D printing services for medicine and other fields, has just released a 3D printing file to create plastic attachments for common kinds of door handles. Dozens of these can be made on a single 3D printer in a matter of hours and an entire hospital can be outfitted with these in a few days.

The attachments install in seconds, already has holes for the bolts to go into, and it’s a quick an easy project not only for clinics, but anyone with a 3D printer that would like to donate their resources to their community at this time.

“The power of 3D printing in combination with Materialise’s three decades of 3D printing expertise made it possible to turn an idea into an innovative product in less than 24 hours,” says Fried Vancraen CEO of Materialise, in a press release. “By making the design available digitally, it can be produced on 3D printers everywhere and become available around the world in a matter of hours. In this case, we designed the product in Belgium and people in China, Europe or the U.S. can now 3D print the door opener locally.”

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