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Philips is releasing a computer tablet designed to provide easy access to patient information in various emergency environments without a difficult implementation.

The Medical Tablet, as it is called, can connect wired or wirelessly to hospital systems, whether the tablet itself is there or not. Thanks to integration with Philips IntelliVue XDS software, the device provides remote access to patient information even when there are a lot of people to look after. There’s no need to have a central monitoring station and everything can operate over a standard WiFi connection.

Philips believes that their solution will keep clinicians from having as much direct contact with patients during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, while maintaining full awareness of the status patient population. Moreover, in places that are outfitting additional clinical care facilities to handle infected patients, the Medical Tablet helps to deliver care with an easy setup.

“As clinicians work to navigate increased workloads, safety concerns, and transitions to remote care settings, they require solutions that map to these increasingly challenging circumstances,” said Peter Ziese, General Manager of Monitoring Analytics at Philips, in the announcement. “The Philips Medical Tablet with IntelliVue XDS software gives clinicians critical patient data like vital signs and clinical decision support applications right at their fingertips, empowering them to make informed care decisions no matter where they are.”

When not used in emergencies, the Medical Tablet, being a Windows computer, can be employed as an extra screen thanks to IntelliVue XDS, or as an extra clinical workspace that delivers patient monitoring data and other information from a hospital’s IT network.

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