Oxford’s Emergency Ventilator Project Steaming Ahead


The University of Oxford and King’s College London have teamed up to develop and are now testing a new emergency ventilator that consists of devices that commonly exist in clinical spaces and scientific laboratories, and a few simple parts that can be created through 3D printing. Bringing together these devices allows the team to create so-called OxVent ventilators that don’t look like conventional ventilators, but which are sufficient to help with the current COVID-19 emergency.

The UK government has given the team quick authorization to proceed with safety testing and Smith & Nephew has been put in the lead to begin the manufacturing process for the necessary parts and distributing the complete ventilators to the UK’s National Health Service.

“In less than two weeks the students, researchers and academics driving this project have brainstormed a prototype, developed into a highly-structured efficient and effective team and won Government backing,” said University of Oxford’s Mark Thompson. “Collaboration is in our DNA and I am so proud of the team and the amazing support from our universities.”

Here’s a video that the University of Oxford released about the OxVent:

Here’s a demonstration of the ventilator in action:

Project info page: OxVent…

Via: University of Oxford

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