Olympus High End EVIS X1 Endoscopy System Unveiled


Olympus is unveiling its new top-of-the-line endoscopy system, the EVIS X1. The company hopes that the new features offered on-board the EVIS X1 will help with the diagnosis and management of a variety of GI disorders and bronchial conditions.

The system sports a number of advancements, including Extended Depth of Field (EDOF), Red Dichromatic Imaging (RDI), Texture and Color Enhancement Imaging (TXI), and Narrow Band Imaging (NBI). TXI, in particular, is an interesting feature that can provide physicians with novel imaging information while displaying tissues almost as they would look under simple white light illumination.

EDOF can extend the volume that is in focus by joining imaging data from two different focal lengths. The result is an impressively sharp image throughout a long focal length. The operator can zoom in and out with a button push and the system responds seamlessly to generate high-resolution in-focus images anywhere in the field of view.

Thanks to RDI, physicians can spot where bleeding is occurring in the GI system by seeing deep blood vessels and blood directly seeping out. This is achieved by illuminating tissues with a combination of green, amber, and red light that make blood vessels pop out in the image.

“Early detection and diagnosis is critical for CRC prevention,” said Prof. Michal F. Kaminski, Professor at the National Research Institute of Oncology in Warsaw, in an Olympus press release. “EVIS X1 is intuitive and gives endoscopists a range of innovative and proven tools to carry out minimally invasive, precise and effective procedures – enabling them to make truly-informed diagnostic and treatment decisions in the best interest of their patients. Among the new technologies especially TXI looks promising. It seems to provide more information to the endoscopist while maintaining a close to white light appearance. This will make it very easy to adapt to it.”

Olympus also plans to introduce artificial intelligence capabilities to the EVIS X1 that will help to automate some of the imaging tasks and help to spot lesions that would otherwise go unnoticed.

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