Ocutrx 8K 3D Eye Surgery Imaging System Unveiled


Ocutrx, an augmented reality (AR) start-up based in Irvine, California, is releasing an ophthalmology visualization system designed to make it easier for surgeons to perform procedures. Right now, ophthalmologists have to remain in constrained positions for long periods of time as they work with a microscope, but the OR-Bot from Ocutrx helps to alleviate some of the limitations of eye surgery by allowing the camera to be separate from the standard optical microscope, thereby giving a great deal of freedom in terms of how the surgical field can be visualized and worked on.

The system comes with a Lenticular Autostereoscopic 8K 3D monitor that can also be used by other nearby staff, as well as people in remote locations, to follow along with the surgery.

The 8K 3D monitor relies on special lenses that “display two sets of the same image – one to the left eye and one to the right eye – which the brain puts together and interprets as one 3D image,” according to Ocutrx. Since traditional 3D glasses, that block about half the light, are not used, the new technology provides a bright, sharp view unlike many existing systems and at an amazing resolution.

“The ORLenz Surgery AR headset has the highest resolution the eye can see, being 60 pixels per degree at 20/20,” said Mitchael C. Freeman, COO of Ocutrx. “The headset receives 4K feed from surgery cameras with less than 10-millisecond delay, which is as fast as an HDMI cable, to ensure the surgeon doesn’t lose any critical visual information. The ORLenz also touts the widest field of view (120 degrees), is the lightest weight on the market (250 grams), and is wireless, which will aid in creating more comfortable surgeries and allow the surgeon to change positions while the 3D hologram surgery image stays always directly in front of the surgeon’s eyes.”

The company believes that by having a more comfortable working position, surgical ophthalmologists will suffer less strain and the associated medical problems that come with that. Additionally, a superior imaging modality will certainly help to improve outcomes.

More from the Ocutrx:

The OR-Bot’s all-digital system offers three unique visualization options depending on the surgeon’s preference: the first is the all-new ORLenz augmented reality surgery headset featuring: (1) a surgery view with augmented virtual patient and operating tool information; (2) the choice of using an autostereoscopic “3D glasses-free” 3D 8K display monitor positioned directly in front of the surgeon; or (3) viewing the surgery through a microscope-like VR viewing station positioned on one of the OR-Bot’s robotic arms. Each of these surgery visualization choices provide a full 4K resolution to the surgeon’s eyes. Additionally, called “cobotic” by Ocutrx, the OR-Bot’s arms are both human and robotically controlled so doctors will be able to move the device’s gravity compensated 6-axis arms with only a slight touch while using voice commands or a foot pedal to engage and position the VR microscope or cameras on the arms.

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