Masimo’s RD SET Sensors Now with Improved Accuracy for Neonates


Masimo has won FDA clearance for its RD SET sensors, that feature the company’s signature Measure-through Motion and Low Perfusion SET pulse oximetry, to sport much better oxygen saturation (SpO2) accuracy specs when monitoring neonatal patients. Previously, the RD SET sensors showed an approximate 3% difference in measurements at 1 standard deviation compared with reference devices, but that is now down to 1.5%. This accuracy is consistent whether neonates move around or not.

This accuracy was already within the specs of RD SET sensors for patients over 3 kilograms (6.6 lbs), but a study was required to confirm the same for the tiniest of patients. This is important, as improved accuracy can help to spot critical congenital heart disease and maybe help to prevent severe retinopathy caused by premature birth.

Masimo offers a few RD SET sensors optimized for neonates. The sensors are soft, feature smooth edges, and some use little to no adhesive, staying around the foot thanks to a fabric wrap.

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