Home Industry News M.Blue 2-in-1 Hydrocephalus Valve Unveiled

M.Blue 2-in-1 Hydrocephalus Valve Unveiled

M.Blue 2-in-1 Hydrocephalus Valve Unveiled

Aesculap, a part of B.Braun, and Miethke are releasing the M.blue adjustable gravitational hydrocephalus valve. The device features a valve that has both gravitational capability and a fixed differential pressure component, the only one of this kind. This allows the M.blue to automatically adjust the valve, within a certain range, based on the orientation of the patient at any given time. When the patient is most active, which typically happens when someone is upright, the opening pressure can be customized to match the needs for drainage while still adjusting for posture.

Additional features include a safety mechanism that prevents outside magnetic field sources from accidentally changing the settings of the device, including MRI scanners up to 3 Tesla and everyday devices such as headphones, smartphones, and hearing aids.

The M.blue is also the smallest adjustable gravitational valve that’s available to U.S. patients and being made of titanium should make it reliable for the long term.

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Via: B.Braun

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