JINS SCREEN Lenses Now Free During At-Home Season


All kinds of organizations, institutions, and companies are trying their best to help alleviate stresses created by the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic. Companies are giving away free data, and at-home eye tests, and insurance companies are lowering their rates temporarily, and others are offering their services free of charge.

Our friends at JINS, a Japanese company that created a low-cost paradigm for getting high quality eyewear is hoping to help people prevent being over-exposed to bright blue light at night. As is fairly well documented, bright blue light can manipulate one’s body clock, increase fatigue, and influence sleep, overall stress, and potentially exacerbate a variety of health conditions.

JINS is now giving away their JINS SCREEN lens upgrade to all orders. We reviewed these glasses that are manufactured using the company’s proprietary process and reported how they can selectively remove the light frequencies that can cause problems.

Customers can pick any frame, and there are hundreds of light-weight styles to choose from, and then apply the free JINS SCREEN lens option before checkout. Normally this would add $60 to any pair of glasses. Prescription and non-prescription glasses can be ordered using this offer, which will stay effective at least until May 3, 2020.

Product page: JINS SCREEN

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