Huge 12 Megapixel Display for Breast Imaging FDA Cleared


Double Black Imaging, a Plymouth, MN company that specializes in medical displays and monitors, is releasing an impressive 12 megapixel monitor intended for use in breast imaging. At 31 inches in size, the Gemini 12MP can be used instead of two separate 5 megapixel monitors that are now ubiquitous in radiologic imaging. Two different mammography or tomography exams can be easily compared using one screen without the distracting plastic bezel in between.

The FDA cleared display comes with a high-speed graphics controller for Tomo image processing, as well as Double Black Imaging’s own comprehensive calibration software, which includes CFS Client and fleet Web Manager Calibration for automatic calibrations.

Being a multi-modality display, the Gemini 12 MP can be quickly switched between 6 megapixel and 12 megapixel modes, to best match the output of the imaging technique being looked at.

Some of the product features according to the product page:

• DICOM 3.14 Automatic calibration with local and Web-based remote administration
• Email alerting for proactive workstation maintenance
• Total control of display settings, including remote adjustment and calibration testing
• Built in Visual tests for DICOM and MQSA Compliance
• Comprehensive reporting for Joint Commission, MQSA, Fleet tracking, asset management, and DICOM compliance
• DBI’s exclusive Radiologist Productivity toolkit

Product page: Gemini series 12MP

Via: Double Black Imaging

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