Getinge Servo-air Multi-Purpose Mechanical Ventilator FDA Cleared


Getinge has won FDA clearance for its Servo-air mechanical ventilator. The device doesn’t need any wall gas or pressurized gas cylinders to operate thanks to a built-in turbine that generates enough continuous air pressure to meet any patient’s needs. Using powerful hot-swappable batteries allows the Servo-air to maintain patients while in transport between hospital wards.

The critical care ventilator is indicated for pediatric and adult patients and can be used to deliver invasive and non-invasive ventilation. There is an option for High Flow therapy, which doesn’t require any tube changes and can be simply selected on the Servo-air touchscreen, and a technology called Servo Compass that keeps track of volume and pressure at each breath and so helps to prevent lung damage from improper ventilation while following the ARDSnet protocol. An Aerogen nebulizer, that doesn’t use any heating, is built-in.

Given that providing appropriate ventilation can be a complex and dynamic task, the device uses images and text to help guide clinicians during preparation and through therapy delivery. Live, dynamic images show how every change to the ventilation delivery affects patient performance and checklists and shortcuts help to make sure everything is done quickly and properly. There’s even an auto mode to move patients toward spontaneous breathing and weaning that automatically toggles between controlled and supported ventilation depending on how well the patient can breathe on their own.

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