FlexIt Makes Gyms Easily Accessible to Anyone


Regular physical activity is one of the best ways to prevent a wide variety of health problems, but not everyone is willing to sign up for a gym membership. The way that most gyms are currently operated is that you either sign up for a membership for a year or two, or you simply don’t get to go, even if you want to visit the place once in a while.

FlexIt is a new startup that aims to make gym access easier for those that don’t want a full membership, as well as for people that travel regularly and anyone else that can’t make a long term commitment.

Through its partnership with gyms and a smartphone app, anyone can visit any gym in FlexIt’s network and pay just for the amount of workout time that they want.

We met with the FlexIt folks at CES 2020 and here’s a video of one of the reps describing this innovative service:

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