COVID Med Supply Makes Donating Personal Protective Equipment Easy


Personal protective equipment (PPE) is already running short at hospitals around the world dealing with the COVID-19 epidemic. However, there are dispersed stocks of face masks, shields, gloves, and other equipment that painters, dentists, demolition crews, and others may have on hand but are not sure how and where to donate them.

Dr. Derek O’Keeffe of the National University of Ireland, Galway and Dr. Kevin Johnson of the University of Limerick, have now created a centralized website where clinical facilities can post what they need and those with the available equipment can publish what it is they have extras of. The map and filtering features of the website make it easy to quickly connect the groups whose needs and available stock match, and who are close enough to quickly make the exchange.

Anyone can participate in this effort if they have some extra masks, gloves, or other PPE on hand, and clinics are advised to make sure they’re dealing with legitimate donors.

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