Colibri Micro Single-Use ENT Endoscope Coming to U.S.


3NT Medical, a company based in Israel, has won FDA clearance to introduce its Colibri Micro ENT Scope in the United States. The single-use device was designed to make surgical procedures a bit easier for otologists.

The device features built-in suction for two-handed operation, a 2.2 mm tip, and a light handle that’s easy to work with when inside the ear. Being a disposable device, there’s no reprocessing necessary and it cannot serve as a vector for the transmission of disease between patients.

The Colibri lets physicians perform minimally invasive procedures using an endoscopic transcranial approach, helping to reduce the sizes of incisions and the need for bone drilling. It can also be used for endoscope-assisted microscopic approach procedures.

“Colibri enables me to use both hands to perform surgery, returning to the familiar otologic position, and at the same time provides the benefits of endoscopic visualization and illumination,” said Dr. Daniel I. Choo, Director, Division of Pediatric Otolaryngology at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, in 3NT Medical’s press release. “I look forward to using Colibri in my surgical practice.”

Here’s a video showing the output of the Colibri and the wide viewing angle it provides:

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Via: 3NT Medical

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