CES 2020: OMRON VitalSight Remote Patient Monitoring


Remote patient monitoring has gone from novelty to necessity in a matter of months thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. In reality, allowing clinicians to keep an eye on their patients provides a number of important benefits even during “normal” times.

At this year’s CES, which is a virtual event this year, Omron presented its VitalSight system designed to make remote patient monitoring as easy as possible. The system connects Omron’s blood pressure monitors and weight scales, via a special hub, to a clinical EMR. This allows all BP and weight readings to be automatically recorded, reviewed, and for abnormal readings to trigger EMR alerts.

As far as patients are concerned, setting up the system simply involves plugging the wireless hub into a power outlet. The BP meter and/or scale are automatically paired up to the hub and the data are properly routed in real-time to the correct patient’s medical records.

So far, only blood pressure and weight can be tracked using VitalSight, but we hope that other Omron patient monitoring devices will be compatible with it as well.

Here’s a video introducing VitalSight:

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