Canon Medical Unveils SOLTUS 500 Portable X-Ray


Canon Medical is releasing a compact new mobile digital X-ray. The SOLTUS 500, powered by a 40kW generator, has touch screens both at the main unit and at the collimator, making it easier and quicker to operate it around patients. Detectors are charged right on the device and stored within a special bin, plus special Canon technology allow the detectors operate at a long range when necessary.

“Today’s hospitals are challenged with productivity demands and it’s imperative that their X-ray systems are able to perform seamlessly where and when they need them,” said Jay Aboujaoude, managing director, X-Ray Business Unit, Canon Medical Systems USA, Inc, in a press release. “The SOLTUS 500 meets that need without compromising on image quality, which is made possible with the unparalleled Canon Medical detector technology that is at the heart of the system.”

Some of the features that Canon is touting on the SOLTUS 500:

  • Enhanced ease-of-use with intuitive tubehead controls, including an 8.4-inch touchscreen display and dual collimator controls for increased access and accuracy.
  • Increased detector wireless range and productivity with Canon Medical patented technologies. The Distributed Antenna System optimizes detector wireless range, and the Enhanced Workflow Package supports the exam from start to finish at point of care.
  • Exceptional safety and security features for patient, clinician and facility, including anti-collision technologies, pressure sensitive steering, improved maneuverability and smart ID card log-in for secure accessibility.
  • Simplified detector charging and storage capacity allows space and functionality for detector charging, storage and accommodating accessories such as disinfecting wipes and protective bags.

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