BioButton to Help Track COVID, Ensure Safe Return to Work


BioIntelliSense, a Silicon Valley company, is unveiling its FDA cleared BioButton device that may help with tracking symptoms of COVID-19 in potential patients and help society return to a normal state of affairs.

The BioButton is about the size of a large coin and, with the help of accompanying applications and triage dashboards, it can be used to keep an eye on many people at the same time. The device tracks the person’s temperature, respiration and heart rate at rest, the position of the body, sleep activity, as well as the activity state at any given time, all for a continuous 90 days. The BioButton is a single-use device, so when the three months are up it can be disposed of.

Using this tool, people can be tracked to spot any early signs of the development of COVID-19 and to monitor those already infected. Clinicians working with COVID patients would find such capabilities useful for themselves as well, but also laypeople that are starting to return to work should be able take advantage of the BioButton to help guarantee that if they develop symptoms they will likely know early enough to prevent spreading it to others.

The device is medical-grade and shares its readings with a centralized dashboard using HIPAA-compliant protocols to ensure privacy. Analytic algorithms, provided by BioIntelliSense as part of the service, that crunch the data can spot unusual events and trends that can point to the rise and development of the disease.

“The introduction of the BioButton device, in combination with the BioMobile applications and enterprise triage dashboards, represents a significant advancement in making continuous medical-grade monitoring reliable, effortless and cost-effective,” said James Mault, MD, CEO of BioIntelliSense, in the announcement. “The convenience of the BioButton will support a range of clinical use cases for RPM reimbursement and mass market use to enable safe return to work or school.”

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