Biobeat Receives EU Clearance for Vital Sign Monitoring with Wristwatch and Patch


Biobeat announced recently that it has received CE Mark
approval for its patch and wristwatch that non-invasively measure blood
pressure, cardiac output, stroke volume, blood oxygenation, and heart rate.

The Israel-based company’s platform monitors vital
signs in real-time using wireless, non-invasive, medical-grade technology, and uploads
these data points into the cloud through either a smartphone or a dedicated
gateway. This allows patients to be monitored not only in hospitals, but
also in clinics, at long-term care facilities, and at home.

Biobeat devices use reflective plethysmography, an optical technique that is normally used to detect blood volume changes within tissues. The devices use a proprietary PPG sensor to obtain a very clear reading of the PPG signal wave, allowing them to measure a wide range of vital signs.

Biobeat’s platform was granted FDA clearance in August 2019 for measurement of blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, and pulse rate.

“Remote monitoring of a patient’s vital signs requires
completely different technological approaches than current practice,” said
Biobeat’s Chief Medical Officer Prof. Arik Eisenkraft, MD, in a statement.
“While blood pressure, heart rate and oxygenation are the backbones of
monitoring, we can now also provide measurements of stroke volume and cardiac
output, and we will continue working to approve additional parameters for our

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