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Your World Healthcare improving healthcare funding for people with diabetes

Currently in the UK, there are a high number of patients with diabetes who require government funding in order to receive necessary treatment for their ailment.

More than four million people in the UK have diabetes – one of six patients in hospitals have the condition – which suggests millions of Brits are failing to get the help that they need.

Diabetes can lead to complications such as strokes, blindness and amputations. Figures suggest that at least 20,000 deaths a year could be prevented with better care.

The lack of funds for diabetic patients is worrying, and part of the reason is that funds are being used elsewhere.

According to Barbara Young, Chief Executive of Diabetes UK, part of the problem is due to the political parties: before the 2015 General Election, all of them failed to make any commitments to improving the poor quality of healthcare on offer to people with diabetes.

Despite one in every 17 people in the UK suffering from diabetes and an increase in the number of people suffering from the disease, funding has continued to decrease.

In response to these figures, external organisations such as Your World Healthcare are tackling the problem by engaging in several charity projects and also by improving the efforts to recruit more professionals in this area. The company raised £43,863 in 2014 for other charities in the UK and are working to improve the dire situation that many people with diabetes face. With diabetics currently costing the NHS £10 billion every year, all the help is very much needed.

The JDRF is a charity that works to improve the lives of those with diabetes. They provide funding for research that aims to treat, prevent and cure type 1 diabetes.

Last year, Your World Healthcare raised money for the JDRF’s cause by hosting fundraising events that focused on raising diabetes awareness. They will be working alongside them again throughout 2015. If you are looking for a career within the healthcare sector, contacting Your World Healthcare is a great place to start. The charity work that they are heavily involved in is important and if you want to do your part to help improve the outlook for people suffering from diabetes, getting involved with the work that they do is ideal. The more help they get, the more money they can raise and ultimately you can be a part of saving more lives.

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