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VivaLNK, a Silicon Valley company, won the European CE Mark for its VivaLNK multi-vital medical wearable sensor and accompanying software development kit. The reusable device sticks to the patient’s chest and can record ECG waveforms, the respiratory rate, heart rate, RR interval, as well as movement based on a three-axis accelerometer. It weighs only .26 ounces (7.5 grams) and can be used repeatedly. It may have significant impact for helping to diagnose difficult to detect cardiac arrhythmias such as atrial fibrillation (AFib).

The reusability of the device should help with the economics of introducing such technology into clinical practice. Most wireless, wearable monitors that have similar capabilities to the VivaLNK product are single-use devices.

The wearable monitor comes with a software development kit (SDK), which allows developers to quickly adapt its capabilities for their applications.

“The CE Mark is another major milestone in VivaLNK’s pursuit of delivering advanced patient monitoring solutions to market,” said Jiang Li, CEO of VivaLNK, in a press release. “VivaLNK’s unique electronic skin technology offers powerful technical capabilities without compromising user experience. Our aim is to accelerate medical application development by providing the sensor platform so that the industry can rapidly innovate novel solutions while at the same time making it more accessible to patients around the world.”

Product page: Multi-Vital ECG Patch

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