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The wrist-worn fitness tracker, as a category, is well past its zenith.

Even in 2017, fitness trackers are still little more than overwrought pedometers for disinterested users who’ll probably ditch them after a few months. Many of these devices, which don’t run apps or have most of the capabilities of a smartwatch, have proved capable of basic activity monitoring among casual exercisers and, sure, they may have even helped save a few lives, but on the whole the insights are typically obvious and don’t have much to tell the average user after a week or two.

For high-level athletes, the bands are particularly useless. I’ve already aired my grievances about the current state of fitness trackers, but there’s an important subcategory of the segment that deserves a closer look: Devices that cater unashamedly to performance athletes — those who train for specific goals and sports rather than their overall fitness. Read more…

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