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Eko Devices just announced it’s releasing the second generation of its popular CORE digital stethoscope technology.

The new Eko CORE comes either as an all-in-one digital stethoscope or as an attachment for most existing stethoscopes. This gives nurses and physicians the option to go with Eko’s own stethoscope or stay with one of their choice while still benefiting from Eko’s advanced amplification and signal processing capabilities.

“When heart and lung sounds are amplified in the screening of heart valve and pulmonary diseases, everything changes,” said Connor Landgraf, co-founder and CEO of Eko, in a press release. “Our mission at Eko continues to be to enable all healthcare professionals to provide the highest level of cardiac care through non-invasive, reliable products. The redesigned CORE puts the ears of a trained cardiologist in the hands of any doctor or nurse.”

The new CORE provides up to 40x amplification, advanced noise cancellation, the ability to switch between acoustic and digital modes, and wireless Bluetooth connectivity. The built-in battery provides up to 10 hours of functionality, which may be enough for up to a week of use for many clinicians.

The accompanying app allows lets users save recordings and share them with others. Waveforms and phonocardiograms can be examined through the app as well.

Eko has also developed its own algorithms that can help to automatically screen patients, but these are still to be FDA cleared.

Here’s a video introducing the new CORE:

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