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A German company called avateramedical GmbH won European regulatory approval for its avatera robot-assisted, minimally invasive surgical system. The CE Mark was issued separately for all the system’s components, including the control unit, the robot itself, as well as instruments, an endoscope, and sterile parts that accompany the avatera. Together, the separate CE Marks allow the entire system to be used in Europe during minimally invasive procedures.

The avatera robot relies on single-use instruments, something that helps to guarantee sterility during every procedure using the new system. The potential for contamination is reduced and complicated cleansing regimens are not required.

The company touts the system’s high level of dexterity, precise action, and a comfortable experience for the surgeon and surgical team. Moreover, the system is purportedly quiet, helping to improve communications between the clinicians present in the OR.

The system connects to servers based in Germany and is made to comply with European, as well as internal German, data protection standards. The company claims this helps to “ensure maximum security for the protection of all sensitive data of clinics and patients,” though we were not aware of this issue being a problem with existing robots, such as the da Vinci.

Here’s an avateramedical video presenting the new robot:

Product page: avatera system

Via: avateramedical

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